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Spinning: So many crafts, so little time

Between knitting, spinning, and cross stitching, spinning has really been losing out lately for two reasons. First because I need to be able to concentrate and not feel self-conscious while I’m doing it, and that can’t happen while there are builder dudes crawling around the outside of my house looking in the windows. And second because I already have so much yarn.

I really feel like I’m falling behind on the Stash War. But here’s some new proto-yarn anyway. This is three bobbins of CVM/Romeldale singles which are ready to be plied up.

Speaking of cross stitch, I love the phrase “floss bobbins.” Just say it. Floss bobbins. Roll it around in your head. Floss bobbins. It’s great, right? (Although it still takes second place to “rat hammock.”)

Okay well it’s been fun sitting here blogging but now I have to go spend the next five hours pressure washing my front porch. I was led to believe that being an adult would be a lot more rad.

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