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Finished socks and drawing winner

First, congratulations to Susie Hewer whose comment was chosen by to win the drawing! You should have received an email from me asking for your mailing address. And thanks as always to everyone for participating!

This week I finally finished the slightly modified Tilt & Twist socks. Here’s a photo which would have been wonderful except that it is ever-so-slightly out of focus.

Unfortunately someone is working on my porch right now so I can’t go out and take another picture. Sometimes you gotta work with what you’ve got.

Speaking of the never-ending renovation, remember the construction-grade earmuffs I bought so that I could block out the din while I was working? You can wear earbuds under them. Yesterday I was delighted to realize that I could listen to podcasts (like Welcome To Night Vale) while mowing the property, a chore which takes 2-3 hours on the riding lawnmower. #RuralNerdvana

8 comments to Finished socks and drawing winner

  • gabes

    You know, I’m not a knitter. My attempt at knitting created a giant yarn ball which quickly became a cat toy. HOwever, those socks make me wish I could!

  • KellyS

    me likey.
    and where is my brain tonight but wallowing in gutter, par usual: I read “Tit Twist” then reconsidered, reread it, only to read “Titty Twist” and then OOOOO that’s not it…
    frankly, I’m disappointed in the name.
    But I like the socks :)

  • Mrs Doom

    Something great to listen to is “Ask Me Another” from NPR. It doesn’t play on our local station so the hubster and I listen to it online (either stream or podcast). It’s a nerdy trivia game, and one of the co-hosts is Jonathan Coulton. It’s only an hour, but it’s really awesome!

  • A coworker just pointed me in the direction of Night Vale. I’ve been gobbling episodes on my day off.

  • Thanks Erika – I’ve emailed you my details. Great socks! :-)

  • JoanneNicole

    They remind me of a Bill Cosby sweater :) love them!

  • Sara

    Nice socks! Tempting pattern … but I’ve realized that i’m happiest with plain stockinette socks in fun colorways. I don’t multitask well — at all — so they’re perfect for bus, TV, meetings or other zone-out downtimes.

    Not that i’d zone out in important meetings! No, never.

    in re: earphones: I was on the 5-hour flight with Screaming Baby Airlines last month. They even added Extra Babies plus FREE Extra Screaming! I discovered that the less-expensive noise-canceling headphones work especially well with earplugs underneath.

    (Total sympathy for parents and kids, of course! Flying is boring and sometimes hurts. I offered earplugs to the parents and seatmates, too.)

    • Erika

      I definitely agree about simple stockinette socks. I don’t know what possessed me to make these fancy socks, but I’m going to be doing nothing but boring ones for a long while!