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    Cause and Effect

    1. NY Times article, Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits.

    from Planned Parenthood
    date Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 8:17 AM
    subject Thank you for your gift to Planned Parenthood!

    Dear Erika Barcott,

    Thank you for your special tribute gift to Planned
    Parenthood. If you requested an announcement, a card will be
    sent to the person indicated, notifying them of your gift.

    On behalf of everyone here at Planned Parenthood, thank you
    again for your support and generosity.


    Cecile Richards
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America

    Payment Information:
    Transaction ID: 21129915
    Date: September 27, 2008
    Time: 11:17am (ET)
    Payment Amount: $N
    Campaign: Support Planned Parenthood! Honorary Giving
    Name: Erika Barcott

    This donation is on behalf of or in memory of:
    Name: Sarah Palin

    Send acknowledgements to:
    Name: McCain for President
    Address: 1235 S. Clark Street
    1st Floor
    Arlington, VA 22202
    United States

    20 comments to Cause and Effect

    • Lori

      I’ve been hearing about this. I am going to do it. :O)

    • Kate

      I just sent a donation in her name too. Awesome.

    • Anonymous

      but this post points out that the money would be better spent going to the obama campaign, or even PPFA’s PAC:

    • Oh, wonderful! I’m a regular donator to PP but will certainly do this!

      I never thought of joining, either, until Bush and Cheney ranted about it! Best use of my money ever!

    • Anonymous, unfortunately charity is a zero-sum game. If I decide to donate $X to someone, I can only give it to one organization. No matter where you donate your money, someone else will always claim it could have been “better spent” somewhere else.

      I agree that if one simply wants Obama to win the election, then donating it directly to Obama’s campaign is the best move.

      However, one may instead want to both irritate Sarah Palin AND help out an organization dedicated to the opposite of what Sarah Palin stands for. In that case, I think that Planned Parenthood is a pretty good choice. And if one wants to help actual women in need – rather than support political campaign ads – then one would want to donate to Planned Parenthood directly, rather than to their PAC.

    • I sent my acknowledgement to her at the Alaska capitol building. Address, if anyone else wants it:

      Name: Sarah Palin
      Address: P.O. Box 110001
      Juneau, AK 99811
      United States

    • I just got email from a friend who claimed that as of yesterday, Planned Parenthood had received $800K in honor of SP. Woo hoo!

    • Wow, I hope what Dorothy says is right! I often doubt those email claims. BUT I love what you’ve done here and I’m going to do the same. XO

    • Erika

      The number I’ve heard is $768k, but close enough!

    • Amy

      I donated too. Such a great idea. I heard earlier in the week that PP has already received over 100K in donations in honor of Palin. And surely there are more to come.

    • I did this a couple weeks ago and am still cackling madly about it.

    • Kathleen

      This is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! The most creative protest ever! $800K, no kidding. I really hope the press gets wind and addresses it… can’t wait to see that interview with SP.

    • LOVE it! I got the email for this & it’s awesome to see it in action – and how much money’s been raised!

    • I have been sending my SP donations to PP in small amounts, $5 or $10 at a time. Just to prolong the agony.

    • Judy

      I’m am delighted to know that so many knitters that I respect have reacted to Barby Palin…uh, Sarah…in this way. I’m joining in. I love the small donations to get lots of mail. And I’m emailing my congressmen about the bail out, frequently, too. Why are they putting us on the line, when a small change to a tiny asset class in the Sarbannes Oxley law, that they created and passed, would mean changing the mark to market so banks could be instantly liquid? What is going on that they are not telling?

    • daisy in the shenandoah valley

      Thank you for this!! Made my day. I will commence the $5 to $10 at a time approach.

    • Congolia

      Wouldn’t multiple donations in small amounts cost Planned Parenthood more in postage and paper costs, thereby taking money away from the people who really need it? Or do they get free postage and printing?

    • Bravo! I cackled wildly when I read that! I’m going to make a donation in her name too.

    • Genius! I am doing this!!

    • As I watch the election coverage from the other side of the planet, I can’t help but speculate that the person doing the most to further Obama’s campaign is Sarah Palin :]

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