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Firewood day!

I don’t have much in me for a blog post right now, since this was my day today:

These are energy logs, which are made of compressed sawdust and other mill leavings. The neighbor/landlord and I split an order: I bought one pallet; she bought four. We had them all delivered at once, since that way there would only be one delivery charge.

But wow.

Let me lay some math on you: each pallet is 380 logs (more or less). Each log weighs 5lbs. That’s a total of 1,900 logs and 9,500 pounds. She and I plus the two delivery people had to manually pull each log off the truck and stack them in the wood shed. So each of us basically lifted, pivoted, and handed off 9,500 pounds in the course of 2.5 hours.

For reference, my car (a Saab 9000) weighs 3,250 pounds.

Isn’t it amazing that you can move several cars in just a few hours, if you chop it up into little pieces? Incremental progress is incredible. Knitting, you know.

But yeah. I’m pooped.

As we were unloading them, one of the delivery people was telling us about the time he visited the energy log factory and saw how they were made. He explained that they take all this loose sawdust, pour it down a tube, compress it with X,000 pounds of pressure (I don’t remember exactly how many) and then bake them at X00 degrees (forgot that, too).

“That would be a great way to get rid of a dead body,” I said.

“Ha ha well the problem is you start out by pouring everything into a funnel that’s only about six inches across, so that would be a problem.”

“Well, you’d need a wood chipper,” I said.

He laughed uncomfortably and changed the subject.

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