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I can hardly believe it myself

HOLY CRAP NO WAY. I know! I’m surprised too.

Here’s how it happened:

First I started knitting with just the green. A plain pair of socks in just the green, that’s all I thought I wanted.

Then I realized that I already had a pair of socks in this exact yarn and color (Red Heart’s Heart & Sole in “Envy”).

“I should do another bicolor sock with this orange, then,” I thought. I had bought the orange (“Tequila Sunrise”) as part of my original purchase for the Tilt & Twist socks.

Once I had gone to all the trouble of splitting the skeins of yarn in half, ripping back the green, and adding in the orange, I basically shamed myself into just making Tilt & Twist already. After all, if you’re already short rowing around your sock every round back and forth, it’s not that much trouble to twirl the colors.

So here we are.

In other news, yesterday was Laundry Day, which means that today is Shamefully Large Pile Of Clean Clothes On The Couch Day.

5 comments to I can hardly believe it myself

  • yep, shamefully large pile of clean clothes days are observed here regularly as well.

  • KellyS

    you mean super happy cat day?

  • I kinda think these yarns and colors work better as the Twist &Twirl that the first ones, anyway, so congrats on a superb choice! As a woo-woo friend of mine is wont to say, “You were meant to make that sock.” (To which I am wont to say, “Yeah, whatever.”)

  • That’s going to be a jaw-droppingly gorgeous pair of socks!
    (Probably too early to ask this, but are you going to match the swirls direction in sock 2, or mirror it?)

    • Erika

      Thanks! My plan is to mirror it… although we will see how successful I am at getting that to work!