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But what to knit next?

The wildlife nests are packed up and will be shipped off today. This leaves me with only one last lingering project to work on: the Cheron socks, which are nearly done. I have turned the heel on the second sock, and I’m about 1/3rd of the way up the leg.

I’m not in a mood to knit anything complicated, or to have to make a lot of decisions. Honestly I’m thinking about knitting another afghan. My Rambling Rows is just about twelve inches too short, when I try to take a nap on the couch, I end up arranging it over myself diagonally.

Then again, afghans require so many decisions up front. Colors and pattern and such.

I may just crank out a Baktus scarf with some yarn from my stash. I have two lovely skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy that a friend gave me: one in chocolate, and one in a pink grapefruit sort of color.

I’m about halfway through the second season of Voyager. What I like about it is exactly what a lot of fans disliked about it: it’s more character-driven than plot-driven. In every episode there’s at least one moment where the entire plot pivots based on a character’s emotional baggage. I love that about it.

One of the (very few) gripes I had with Next Generation is that everyone always seemed to get along so well. The ship had a full-time counselor on board, but why? For the most part, no one was ever sad or upset, no one ever yelled at someone else just because they were in a pissy mood, there was never any bickering between crewmates, no unrequited crushes or petty jealousies.

It was like the most marvelous fantasy of workplace life, and so deliriously unlike the way humans actually, you know, are.

6 comments to But what to knit next?

  • Kimi

    I could never figure out what the point of Deanna Troy being on the bridge so often was. I mean, the idea of an empath was interesting, but in reality she ended up saying things like “he’s upset” when it seemed like my cat would be able to tell, much less a captain of a starship. It was often easy to forget that it was a ship full of people because so much of the story was about interactions with other groups.

    I might still have the toy Enterprise that came inthe box of Shreddies, though.

  • doodledog10

    Hey Erika! My aunt crochets and I was just telling her about the your treesweaters, she things they’re extremely cute. I noticed that you haven’t updated the treesweater page since 2007–is the treesweater no more, or have you replaced it, or do you not live there anymore?

    • Erika

      I’m afraid it is no more – I moved away, but before I did, I took down the treesweater so that it would develop problems unattended.

  • You should knit a superhero cape. We’ll all help you pretend it’s an afghan, but we’ll know…

  • JoanneNicole

    My husband (and 5 year old daughter) and I just finished Voyager and I loved it. I don’t understand why people didn’t like it, except I guess as you said the fact that it’s character driven. That’s what I liked about it, and now that we’ve finished it I miss having the characters as part of my daily life. That’s what a show that’s character driven does. Voyager even made me love Borg episodes – I didn’t like the Borg episodes at all in TNG. But I won’t give anything away since you’re only in season 2.

    My 5 year old loved the series so much that she’s decided that she’s going to be Captain Janeway for Halloween, and that her newborn baby brother has to be Riker from TNG (complete with awesome Riker baby-beard). This fills my Trekkie heart with glee. :)

    • Erika

      That is wonderful! I hope you are able to achieve the correct degree of poofiness in her hair.

      I think just the fact of having a female captain made a lot of Trekkies uncomfortable. The franchise as a whole has always catered to young straight white men, and was not great with female characters from the beginning. It’s like they said “We have Uhura and she’s awesome so let’s make every other single aspect about this series 100% dude-centric.”

      Also, Janeway’s voice – it must be said – is like Voyager’s equivalent of the Enterprise theme song. The most charitable thing I can say about it is “you get used to it.”

      All that being said, Voyager is well on its way to becoming my favorite Trek incarnation so far. And that’s from someone who’s been a fan of the franchise since the days when TOS was the only option. (I’ve only just finished season 2 though, so no spoilers, anyone, please!)