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I can’t stop making these wildlife rescue nests. I crank out about one a day. They just knit up so quickly, and baby animals, and they use up so much yarn. And I have so much yarn to use up.

Here are the three most recent. I think I’m up to seven now, but I’m not sure. I lose count.

(Triceratops not to scale.)

I have been catching up on Voyager and enjoying it. Although I got distracted last night when a character ordered a “Vulcan mocha.” Is that made with a copper-based chocolate sauce?

10 comments to Nesting

  • Debbie C


    I’m loving your nests! I see you’ve chosen to make yours out of wool. Most of the nests I’m seeing like to be made out of acrylic yarn, possibly because it’s more likely to be machine washable, as these things are going to be washed very frequently. At this gauge probably wool isn’t going to felt/full much in the washer anyway, but I still wonder how you came to decide to use wool over acrylic.

    • Erika

      Good question! The answer is that the wildlife rescue agency specified wool. You would need to ask them about the specifics. I am sure they have very good reasons for their choice.

      I know that they wash the wool nests in the washing machine just like everything else they use with the animals. Thus, the nests do end up being felted. Which is perfectly fine, and they are still usable.

      • Debbie C

        Ah, makes sense. I hadn’t seen that particular article. I’ve emailed the Blank Zoo in Des Moines, which is more or less local to me, and asked but they haven’t responded yet. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of both wool and acrylic scraps, so I’m good to go as soon as they get back to me!

        • Erika

          It’s possible that they don’t care which. I notice that the page on Bev’s Country Creations, which seems to be very well-informed, does not specify either wool or acrylic:

          I would probably go with wool, personally, since it’s warmer. And in this context you can run it through the washing machine no problem.

  • I am on that same sort of roll with dishcloths and baby bibs, but eventually Sugar ‘n’ Creme makes a groove in my left index finger and I have to move on. Not quite there yet…

  • What I want to know is, who decided the Klingons needed a coffee? (Raktajino is Klingon coffee.)

    And how rough must it be on Deep Space Nine if Klingon coffee is the beverage of choice? Regular coffee not strong enough?

    • Erika

      An excellent point!

      I didn’t get very far in Babylon 5, but I remember one of the characters bemoaning the fact that she had a lot of trouble getting up when it was dark outside. And in space, it is always dark outside. I would probably need some Klingon coffee, too!

    • Another Erika

      I wonder if the writers were making a joke about humans appropriating some Klingon beverage by adding coffee to it; similar to how, if you order a “latte” in Italy, you’re likely to get some funny looks or a glass of milk. Maybe that also explains the Vulcan mocha.

      • Erika

        Interesting! Like the “Americano” which apparently was not a thing until the WWII American GIs in Italy were too wimpy to handle shots of espresso so they asked to have them diluted with hot water. (Or so I have heard; possibly apocryphal.)

  • gabes

    So true! I think it is funny and says a lot about our culture that even in fiction we have to give characters a pick me up.
    Good on you for the nests, poor birds!
    I love catching up on tv, my wife and I are currently rewatching all the supernatural episodes. I highly recommend it, esp season 4.