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It’s like a casserole made of leftover pictures instead of food

I don’t have anything specific to blog about today, so I decided to rummage through the leftover pictures from my camera instead.

Here’s a picture of a happy plant, which I took as “proof of life” for the person who gave me said plant. It is an orchid which should bloom one day, if I don’t kill it first.

I’ve been having much better luck with house plants once I realized that the water softener on my water supply means that the tap water is basically saltwater. Protip: plants do not like saltwater.

Now I water them with collected rainwater (the 10 months out of the year it rains constantly) or jug refills from the machine at the store (in July and August). Haven’t killed one since.

Here is a picture of the center console of my car. I do not remember taking this picture.

Must have snapped that one by accident. Also, I guess it is a little bit dusty. (One of the hazards of living half a mile up a dirt road.)

Here is a picture of the maple tree that was cut down last weekend, with my hand for scale.

I decided not to use this picture because from that angle my hand looks like it belongs to the bloated corpse of a drowning victim. Complete with alarming purple overtones.

Here is an ever-so-slightly out-of-focus picture of a spindle full of spun yarn from last weekend, before being wound off for finishing.

Mm, I do love the look of a nice fat full spindle. Too bad the camera was more interested in the surface of my desk.

Here is a picture of last night’s sunset.

I don’t know why I always take pictures of pretty sunsets, even though they never ever result in interesting pictures. Just can’t help it, I guess.

3 comments to It’s like a casserole made of leftover pictures instead of food

  • I had an orchid once. The instructions said that to water it, put an ice cube in the pot once a week. Apparently they don’t need a lot of water…

    Oh, I still managed to kill it.

  • My old camera used to take a lot of accidental pictures. I’d push the button, it would make noises like it was taking a picture, I’d lower it, and then it would take the picture. I had more pictures of my feet than I did of anything interesting.
    I’ve occasionally wanted an orchid, but thought it best not to indulge. At this point, my houseplants are jades and cacti. I’ve killed everything else…

    • Erika

      I have terrible luck with cactususes. I literally love them to death. “Oh my little baybeeee you look thirstyyyyy!”