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I decided to give over the socks for Clapotis for a little while. The scarf is long enough that it’s become difficult to photograph in it entirety.

I solved my lighting problems, though. Apparently the key to photographing knitwear in summertime is to get out there at, like, 7AM. Yuck.

I’d like to think Neighbor Cat is studying my work admiringly. But really he’s just wondering why I moved his bowl of food, and whether it means I’m about to set down a better one.

2 comments to Clapo-meow

  • Or perhaps he thinks you’ve made him a nice tablecloth to put under his bowl…

    • Erika

      Or more likely, “Can I sleep on that?” He enjoys rolling around on the hand knits I set out there to dry in the sun. But what’s a bit of knitting without some extra cat hair, I ask you.