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Caturday: Height problems

One of Cinnamon’s favorite perches is the white counter beside my desk. She squats there and peers out at the yard.

Now, a cat who is squatting is not a comfortable cat. Squatting is like the cat equivalent of sitting with your arms crossed. It’s a defensive and/or angry posture.

Obviously I want my snooky wookums to be comfortable. Also, I had the thought that if I could make her comfortable there, she would be more likely to sit there than to walk across my keyboard demanding to be held. (A futile wish, I know. Humor me.)

My thought was that she was squatting because she couldn’t quite see over the ledge if she sat there meatloaf-style with her paws tucked in. The first thing I tried was to set down a fluffy folded towel to raise her up a little.

No dice. Well, maybe she just needed it a little bit higher. I added a layer of random bits of milled lumber ends, and set the towel atop it.

Okay well maybe she just needs it to be a liiiiittle bit taller. I added a second layer of lumber.

I give up! The cat wins.

9 comments to Caturday: Height problems

  • Keisha

    Ha! I had a small female cat who would sit like that for hours at the window, occasionally making the ‘squirrel’ chatter noise. I even tried one of those fancy ‘suctioncup to the window cat nest things’ she would squat under it, on the windowsill, to chatter. *shrug* I think its a ‘I want to be ready to pounce on my imaginary prey’ stance, rather than a ‘I am a cranky cat’ stance…then again, they are cats.

  • Maybe she’s now annoyed with you because you are making it harder for her to guard the house. That’s her “I’m the guard cat” pose. Be happy she can’t bark.

  • Lisa Eaton

    I agree with Keisha and Alex — I think she’s adopting that pose because she’s ready for action!

  • Erika

    I think you all might be right!

  • Otter

    I agree, she just looks ready for action.
    Also, sometimes, it is just more comfortable to cross one’s arms.

  • two silver cats

    “Stackcats” is a palindrome.

  • Erika

    Mind: blown!

  • Well, someone has to remain vigilant in case of zombie attack. She’ll relax if you board up the windows properly…

  • Ha! My little female does the exact same thing Keisha describes. It is the funniest thing to watch. Meanwhile my big male just sits there and whines for food…