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Caturday: Kitty weight loss update

Cinnamon recently clocked in at a little over eight pounds. This is a huge victory, considering that she was over eleven pounds when we started the Purina One True Nature of Cats program.

The program isn’t specifically about weight loss, just about improving your cat’s health and outlook. But by doing those things, kitties can really shed the pounds.

Cinnamon is getting about two tablespoons of canned food a day in her little dish, about 1/4 cup of dry food in her favorite puzzle feeder, and 1-3 play time sessions daily (depending on her interest level) of about 10 minutes each.

Eight pounds is a perfect weight for an average-sized female cat. But Cinnamon is small. Wee, even. The vet has said that six pounds is probably her perfect weight, but he would be happy to see her at seven.

As you can see, there is still plenty of cat meat left on those bones.

I continue to struggle with getting her to face the camera for a picture.

After a lot of kissy noises and clucking, this is the best I could do.

“What do you want, I’m busy.”

4 comments to Caturday: Kitty weight loss update

  • I always found that trying to photograph knitting would get me lots of cat pictures…

  • Erika

    She has zero interest in knitting being posed for photos… I guess I should count myself lucky she’s not actually scared of the camera. Brady would always quietly but firmly sidle away when he saw me bring it out.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve said it before, she’s a beautiful cat. I really like brown tabbies. Orange too, so you’ve been lucky in my book. :)

  • Erika

    Tabby pride!