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Sketch Wednesday: Baby Moose

This week I have been browsing Photoshop brush packs, trying to find a brush that I like for drawing. I think I may have finally found a winner, it’s the Ink Brush Ellipse from Nick Zuccarello’s fabulous and free Comic Book Digital Ink Brushes set.

After noodling around with the brushes making random squiggles, I liked the Ink Brush Ellipse enough to try out an actual figure. I chose a picture of a moose calf from my folder of reference images and got to work.

Sketch Wednesday

I used a bunch of the other splatter brushes in the pack to create the background. I love doing backgrounds with just a simple texture or some splatters. It’s a minimalist style that appeals to me, plus it means not having to draw backgrounds, which is a nice shortcut.

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