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I Hope This Works!

I have had a long series of annoyances with the mechanism that feeds my blog post updates to Twitter and Facebook. Which is greatly compounded by the problem that I set up a Twitterfeed account four years ago, and apparently cannot remember the username i used. (It shouldn’t be THAt hard to remember, right?)

Anyway I think I have finally figured out a workaround. We shall see.

Oh wait… there’s no actual blog content here! Quick, deploy emergency kitty picture!


That’s better.

6 comments to I Hope This Works!

  • LOL. “Emergency kitty picture.” LOL LOL

  • oops! the html “snort” didn’t make it through.

  • Emergency kitty photos always work on me! Ummm … what were you saying? Pretty cat! And so nicely centered on the placemat.

  • Erika

    Oh well, that is her mat, by the way. I have tried various softer things, because she sits there for hours every night after I go to bed, but that’s the only one she will deign to sit on. It is on a square of shelf liner so that it doesn’t get kicked off when she flings herself away from the window to chase whatever monster appears in the yard.

  • Kitty with living houseplants! Even better.
    (Actually, a chicken picture would have worked, also. It’s my most used fallback…)

  • Erika

    Hmm, yes, I really should do a chicken post! Good idea.