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Oh, And…

I guess happy Valentine’s Day? I had honestly forgotten that today was the day. In fact I only realized it was Valentine’s Day because I checked my calendar and noticed that I need to invoice one of my clients tomorrow, as it will be the 15th.

These days I think of Valentine’s Day as a kids’ holiday. Similar to Easter, for those of us who are not religious. Mainly geared towards kids, and also delicious candy. (Which I have been very good about avoiding so far; wistful sob.)

It also helps that in the last year I have almost completely severed my ties to broadcast television, with its incessant pounding of advertising telling you that YOU MUST BUY OUR THING OR ELSE THEY WILL STOP LOVING YOU.

Between Netflix Streaming and Hulu, I see very few ads these days. Not counting Sunday night’s Fox line-up of animated sitcoms, which I have watched every week for like 20 years now and I don’t see any reason to stop that tradition.

Anyway, I hope no one out there is sad on Valentine’s Day. Even though it is inevitable. It is, after all, a whole entire holiday dedicated to making everyone feel bad about themselves for one reason or another.

I don’t really have an exit strategy for this blog post. Here, have a heart! <3

3 comments to Oh, And…

  • You rock. And be happy that we don’t celebrate this crap except with chocolate because, hey!, chocolate. And the kids now do this thing where I send in my 4 yo with hearts she cut out of cheapo construction paper and other parents do the “goody bag” = toofer rot crap. sigh. So it begins.
    hey lookie! wine (and streaming homeland once above mentioned child passes out).
    happy <3 to you. and \m/ \m/

  • Northmoon

    The world could certainly use more love, but sadly Valentines Day becomes more “look at me, I’ve got my lover/boyfriend/husband and he bought me X to show how much he cares – poor you, you don’t have one” Seems only couples are the target market.

    That said there were heart shaped sugar cookies, pink cupcakes and chocolates passed around for everyone at work so I shouldn’t be so bitter!

  • Sara

    I’m with Sheepish Annie: Happy Half-price Chocolate Day!