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Winter doldrums: I has dem. Can churning out mitts by the pound be the cure? Let’s find out.

Completed: The pair in that weird shade of dark olive brown Patons Classic Wool Merino. This yarn had been in my stash since ??? I do not remember buying it. I’m guessing it was one of the skeins I bought in my early days as a knitter, around 2005-ish.

fingerless mitts

It feels SO GOOD to use up all this old, unwanted yarn! Weird dark olive brown Patons: you are outta here!

Washed and dried and ready to have the ends woven in: this pair in a sort of dark rusty-orange shade of Cascade 220.

fingerless mitts

I think this skein was “only” about four years old. I’m pretty sure I got it in a yarn swap with my friend Dorothy. I had used little bits of it here and there in various projects, but never found a single project for the whole thing. Looks great as mitts!

And coming up next, a pair in chartreuse Cascade 220. Shown here in their infancy.

fingerless mitts

This might be my last pair of mitts for a while. Not because I am tired of knitting them, but because I am almost out of partial skeins of Cascade 220. Crazy, right?

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