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Oh, Winter

Winter brings a lot of challenges to those of us living in northern latitudes. But for bloggers, winter brings the particular challenge of managing to take your pictures during the few short hours of available daylight. This is no small problem: flash photography makes things look very sad.

This has been a challenging week all around, actually. Today I had to phone my bank and ask them to reset my online banking password because I broke mine, I know not how. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is for someone in my line of work to have to call tech support to ask for a password reset? It’s like a locksmith having to call a tow truck because they locked their keys in the car.

But things are looking up: I received my new pair of New Balance walking shoes from Zappo’s today. They replace the pair that I was unable to salvage after accidentally dousing myself in gasoline last week.

It was well past time to replace those shoes anyway, they were pretty clapped out. It was a mercy killing.

I also have a good chunk of down time blocked off for Friday. This is my new thing starting this year: literally scheduling down time for myself. The rule is that I can do anything, as long as it’s not useful, and doesn’t involve the internet. I feel a little bit giddy at the thought!

I am starting slow, only two hours at a time. It’s hard, and I have to force myself not to spend that time doing the dishes or putting things away or running loads of laundry. But down time is important, and it’s hard to fight those boundaries when you work from home.

And eventually get around to photographing those mitts? Maybe.

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