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When Did It Turn Thursday?

I’m too tired and cold and ready to sack out to put together a proper blog post.

Oh, but you’ll never guess what I have been knitting! (That’s not true. I bet you can totally guess.)

In lieu of proper blogging, how about a follow-up. Earlier in the season I speculated aloud about buying a heated cat bed for Kimble, who is super old and skinny and easily chilled. And also my home does not have central heating, so that is a problem.

In the end I decided not to, because he learned to do this:

sleepy cat

If I leave the blankets arranged just so on his end of the couch, he has learned how to burrow in and make himself a cozy little nest.

I wonder if he ever wonders why his tail is always colder than the rest of him.

6 comments to When Did It Turn Thursday?

  • JoanneNicole

    For the last 8 years we’ve lived in Arizona, and for the last 8 years our cat has slept between our feet, on top of the blankets.

    This last summer, we moved to Ontario. It’s very cold right now.

    Last night I was completely shocked to wake up to our cat snuggling between us, underneath the blankets.


  • Erika

    Too funny! That cat knows what’s what.

  • What a wonderful photo!

  • Jen Chase

    My cat does that too – and boy, does she get mad when the blanket isn’t arranged just right, or she knocks it off the couch! The tail acts as a thermostat :)

  • Another suggestion for helping Kimble on super-cold days: A hot-water bottle. My “recipe” for the cats is to use water that is somewhere between warm and hot. I fill the hot-water bottle about half full so I can squeeze out the air and make it soft and pliable. Then I shove it under their blankets or somewhere inside the blanket but not touching them so it warms the air. Um, yes; my cats are spoiled. Why do you ask? (For the record, I’ve only done this about twice in the four years I’ve had them…but it has happened. Nochalant whistle…)

  • Erika

    That’s a great idea, thanks!