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Cat Modeling the Mock Cable Cowl

I had been wanting to get Kimble to model the green cowl for a while. (It was the suggestion of a reader… but I can’t find the comment now, nor can I dig up the original email. Apologies!) But the old man has good days and bad days, and on his bad days he wasn’t interested in playing along.

It took a while, he had a run of bad days there during the holidays. But finally things started looking up, and I caught him on a good day when the sun was out, and I thought I would give it a try.

(For reference, a “good day” is one where he eats Fancy Feast on his own, and I don’t have to syringe feed him prescription super-high calorie canned cat food.)

I began as I always do. I waited until he was awake and puttering around, doing his old man things: staring at Cinnamon when she’s not looking, picking at the back of the couch, bemoaning the state of Kids These Days And Their Terrible Pop Music That’s Not Music When I Was A Kid We Had Real Music. That sort of thing.

I cleared off a space on the cabinet that I often use for photographs. I set down my knitting. I turned on my camera and held it up. And lo: feet appeared, as if by magic.

green cowl

At this point I figured it was fair game. Some people might be quietly horrified at the idea of putting knitting on a sick old cat in order to take a picture. I hasten to assure you, he was purring the entire time.

Also, he did this, which is possibly the single funniest pose he has ever struck. And he has struck some funny ones. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS.

green cowl

It puts me in mind of a Vogue fashion shoot from the 60s, with a doe-eyed model delicately sniffing a cherry blossom while wearing the latest swing coat from Paris. Except it is my cat, who is – it must be said – very dapper.

I took a few more pictures and then he was like, “Ugh, I’m done with this, please.”

green cowl

What a champ.

But wait! I have a bonus Silly Cat Picture for you.

green cowl

Home Office Cat takes her morning coffee black, if you please.

16 comments to Cat Modeling the Mock Cable Cowl

  • tari

    Kimble is very dapper, indeed. That is a priceless shot.

  • Great photos. Kimball coulda been a runway model.

  • theo

    aww, what a cute old man! i hope he has many more years!

  • Erin

    Amazing model shot of Kimble – he’s still got it!

    Kimble’s eating habits sound like that of my cat. Can I ask what super-high calorie food you use?

  • Erika

    Thanks! He can still work it when he’s in the mood.

    I bought a flat of Hill’s A/D, it’s a prescription food that costs about $2 per can. It’s not only high-calorie, it’s also super tasty and has a nice smooth texture that seems to be very appealing. Kitty crack, basically.

    Fancy Feast is the next best thing, it’s the highest-calorie cat food on the market.

  • That is a wonderful photo. I can see why you love him.

  • Awwww, reminds me of our dear Bas, no longer with us. He was also such an old man complaining and grumbling about kids and cold weather. I hope you have a lot of time still with him.

  • Wonderful! And isn’t it amazing how the kitty feet appear out of nowhere when they think you don’t want them to?

  • Ginny

    The handsome old man looks beautiful in that color of green. And I am very happy to hear he is feeling better enough to model.

    Izzy was in the office chair this morning too. Wonder if it is Take Your Cat to Work Day – Home Office Edition?

  • Northmoon

    What a wonderful shot of your old man-cat!! The green really suits him, and as you say, his pose was worthy of Vogue. (May he live many more years)

    Cinnamon as ‘office cat’ was extra cute too, but I bet she’d rather have some milk in her coffee.

  • two silver cats

    The leaf looks like one of those pencil-thin mustaches… very dapper indeed!

  • Oh, he’s such a handsome gentleman. And such a good sport!

  • Kimble is very dashing!! I love that pose.

    Music DID used to be so much better. And they didn’t need to lip sync either.

    Is Cinnamon available to fill in at my office? We take our coffee black. And there are lots of birds in the bushes outside the windows. Occasionally praying mantises, spiders and turkeys as well.

  • Sara

    He is *working* that elegant handknit! Gwyndolyn used to sit on the front porch so she could repel boarders. She’d wave her kitty-cane and creakily yell at those kids to “Get off my lawn!”

  • Wow, you actually manage to have cats AND plants! A tip of the hat to you!

    Also – love the scratch pad on the seat back! Great idea!

  • Erika

    Thanks! The plants have been carefully chosen to be non-toxic to cats, and are situated such that the least appealing plants (the hanging lipstick vine above and the pepperomia on the lower right) are nearest the cat areas. The nibble-worthy spider plants are hung in spots the cats can’t reach.

    I’m a little embarrassed that I forgot to take the scratch pad off my chair before taking that picture. I’m kind of blind to it by this point. It is hideous. but Cinnamon loves it, and it saves her destroying my chair.