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Sketch Wednesday: More Sheeps

I recently watched the documentary Sweetgrass, about one of the last private sheep ranching operations left in Montana. I was particularly taken by this particular sheep, who was wearing a bell. Smitten enough that I paused the movie and grabbed my sketchbook to make a quick sketch.

Sketch Wednesday

After scanning it in, I used Brittany Lynn’s suggestion for isolating the sketch marks in order to color it in Photoshop. It worked like a charm, Brittany Lynn, thank you!

1 comment to Sketch Wednesday: More Sheeps

  • j

    Added to queue. I have a soft spot for the Beartooths (note to self–if a tissue billows away on the wind at the top of the pass, and you are driven by a sense of environmentally-friendly urgency to chase it down and restore the landscape to its pristine state, walk don’t run…turns out running at 13k feet with no prior high-altitude training will make a mess of you pretty quick…) and read every Montana ranching book I could as a kid (the best one being Breaking Clean, by Judy Blunt, who is pretty amazing and wrote back to my ardently fangirling middle school self too), wherein I was struck by how shepherding was seen as a lesser form of ranching. As in, the sons of castle ranchers would taunt the sons of sheepherders at school and both sides would feel the slight as having some sort of societal justification. When I started knitting I thought, hey, sheep are pretty damn important too, so what’s the deal? But every book i picked up eschewed sheep as a rural means of getting by. Claire Davis, Ivan Doig, the people who wrote Open Spaces and Montana 1945 whose names i cant remember…always with the cattle, never with the sheep.

    I look forward to watching this! Thank you for posting about it.