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Sims Sunday: Detours

Gameplay took an unexpected direction this week. I love it when that happens!

First things first. We had a lovely wedding at home.

sims sunday

Well, it was lovely for the Sims who were able to work out how to enter the house, anyway.

Davina wore her frumptastic finest.

sims sunday

As soon as the ceremony ended, she changed into her sweats. A woman after my own heart!

sims sunday

Before I knew it, Jayden had marched her upstairs and was training her on the weight machine.

sims sunday

“Training” in this sense means “Yelling and gesticulating and looking angry.” I imagine that is what it is actually like with a physical trainer in real life. (I wouldn’t know.)

sims sunday

That night, a random little tiny puppy showed up and tried to come inside. SO PITIFUL.

sims sunday

As the snow melted in a sudden early spring rainstorm, it stood out on the lawn looking dejected.

sims sunday

I had not planned to get a dog. Especially not a random dog, because they always turn out ugly. (Which is weird, because Nature has been making random dogs for thousands of years, and most of them look just fine.)

But come ON. Are you really going to be the one to leave the tiny puppy out in the rain in the middle of the night? I sent Jayden out to pick it up.

sims sunday

The puppy seemed to have mixed feelings about this situation.

sims sunday

Before we could get properly acquainted, it decided it was time to run home.

I reiterate my opinion that it’s a good thing The Sims 3 doesn’t have car crashes. That little dot running down the middle of the road is the puppy.

sims sunday

While the puppy slowly toddled its way back home – which was a very long distance, by the way – something caught fire in the dining room. I never did figure out what.

sims sunday

Davina seems to be blaming dinner, but I don’t see how that’s possible.

At the same time, the full moon began to rise.

sims sunday

This zombie is carrying an umbrella. Your argument is invalid.

Okay so anyway, I sent Miles out ahead of the puppy to show up at the adoption center and adopt it. He did this and got home before the puppy had even made it halfway. That puppy was pretty tired by the time she turned around and made it back to her new home!

sims sunday

Meet Bellaboosh. Yes, that is the name that the game gave her. Bellaboosh.

The next day, Davina gave birth. Did I mention she got pregnant? Well anyway, it’s babies all over up in here!

sims sunday

Meet baby girl North, who is an Absent-Minded Couch Potato.

Within a few days, little puppy Bellaboosh grew up. I did not realize that you could give dogs birthday parties, or I would have invited more people.

sims sunday

Yep, that is one ugly dog. Can we talk about the white seam down her front? She has a white seam down her front.

Also, she has one green eye and one gray eye. (???)

sims sunday

Not to mention a slightly cross-eyed expression.

Oh, and a stupid tail.

sims sunday

In fact, she is so ugly that I am thinking about finding an even uglier dog, and breeding them together, and then adopting out the puppies (by virtue of uploading them to the Exchange) for any players out there who want one. I just can’t decide what would be the worst breed to match with her.

Suggestions in the comments, please! Or, if you’re a player and you want to try your hand at creating a super-ugly male dog in order to up the ante, feel free to send me a link to your upload on the Exchange and we can do a thing.

8 comments to Sims Sunday: Detours

  • Xeres

    Davina’s hair is the exact same colour as the wallpaper in that room. I bet if you worked at it, you could make her an outfit that camouflages her perfectly against the decor, the way Sherlock Holmes did (the Robert Downey Jr one).

  • ErinLindsey

    I finally ordered Seasons (it was $31 at Amazon, first time I saw it drop below $37 since Xmas, it’s probably going to go on sale for $20 now)

    Just to see what it was like, I experimented with my Sherlock Holmes and John Watson sims that I created and turned Sherlock into a female sim long enough for him (well, her, until I changed him back) and John Watson to have twins. (named Moriarty and Hamish…Hamish is John Watson’s middle name in the original Doyle canon. Moriarty is well…Moriarty)

    I’m not sure how I like the family now. Raising sim children is kind of boring. Maybe I’ll age the kids up and have Moriarty fight with Sherlock, they’ll become nemesis’s, but Moriarty wont be moved out. See what happens when two nemesis’s live together. Especially since it’s a small house. (maybe I’ll take away one of the beds?)

    I may just go back to how Sherlock and John were before they had kids. Mostly because I’m kind of bored with raising simkids. (I dont like real life children much either) I might add a Moriarty in as a NPC living across the street in what looks like a trailer…he could be married/shacked up with Irene Adler. (ok, I must be seriously obsessed with the tv show BBC Sherlock to be building my own little Sherlockian Sim universe)

    I just cant wait to have my sims make snowmen when I get Seasons this week.

    Do sims in Seasons have furnaces and air conditioners?

  • I thought you were kidding about Ugly Dog…

    I’d cross her with a pekinese. Or a shih tzu. Because that has all kinds of craptastic possibilities.

  • two silver cats

    Is that the same little puppy from the last post? The one that was stuck in the snow??

    Also, you weren’t kidding when you said “little dot running down the middle of the road”.

    Or “stupid tail”, for that matter.

  • ErinLindsey

    Does the game tell you what breed of dog that Bellaboosh is? If she’s a mutt, maybe if you breed her to another mutt, you’ll get a good looking puppy or two out of it?

  • gabes

    I say Pug or possibly bulldog. I have a pom/poodle/pug chihuahua in real life… nuf said. The pug is probably the strangest part….

  • ErinLindsey


    I just managed to get an alien to visit my sims (make the dogs go look for rocks, when they bring back space rocks, put the space rocks all over the yard. It attracts the aliens)

    Good thing I started saving the game right when the alien showed up because right when I sent Sherlock over to introduce himself and invite her in, the freaking game crashed!!!!!!!!



  • j

    Ahahaha, zombie with umbrella is about my favorite sims screenshot ever.