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Sixth Time’s A Charm?

Earlier this week on Twitter I bemoaned the fact that I botched the same tubular cast on five times in a row. And it’s a shame, too, because this particular yarn (I have learned) detests being ripped out and re-knit. But the sixth time I finally nailed it, and soldiered on with the cowl.

The yarn is Cascade Cloud 9 in color 111, “Lime Green.” A friend once mentioned that since I’m allergic to mohair (it gives me an itchy rash) I might be allergic to angora as well. I made a mental note to test a small angora project before sinking a lot of cash into an expensive angora yarn, and I happened to spot this yarn on sale.

Cloud 9 Cowl

This is a stitch pattern I spotted somewhere. Isn’t it great the way that it looks like a cable?

Cloud 9 Cowl

But it’s just a strange magical property of 4×4 rib, offset by 2 stitches every 7th row.

11 comments to Sixth Time’s A Charm?

  • Wow- great stitch pattern.

  • Dorothy

    Well I love mohair and cannot stand the feel of angora, so it doesn’t really surprise me. What does shock me is how un-grey it is. Hat or cowl?

  • Try this provisional cast-on:
    It’s pretty much the one I always use. (I think I saw a mention of treating the first stitch of each row as a selvage stitch – ignore that.)
    I’m so hooked on tubular that I use it for everything these days…

  • Erika

    Oh yes, sorry – it’s a cowl.

  • picadrienne

    I don’t understand the relationship of being allergic to a goat, as an indicator of being allergic to a rabbit. Oh well, c’est la vie.

  • Are you itching yet? I made a pair of ribbon-winning socks with that same offset 4×4 rib, but with a 4 row repeat. Each sock swirled the opposite direction, and they’ve looked like cables to experienced knitters. Love the color!

    How are the chicks lately? Ready to increase egg production by introducing a younger hen or two?

  • good question on the eggs..
    and hey, this is quite not-grey of you

  • Ginny

    It’s a beautiful color that would offset auburn fur nicely. Where’s the spokesmodel (Cat) or does he only show up after the knitting is washed and blocked?

  • Erika

    On the angora issue, the idea was that it’s a mechanical allergy from the scales on the fibers, rather than a chemical allergy from the animal proteins (which aren’t usually present on a highly processed fiber like mohair). And that angora is microscopically close enough to mohair that it might cause similar issues.

    It was a long shot, but given how expensive angora is, I thought it probably was a good idea to try knitting with it before I spent big bucks on some fancypants yarn.

    As for the chickens… well, it’s complicated. There are some space issues with the coop. Long story short, I’m waiting for another one of the chickens to die, and then I’ll get a pair of chicks. That’s the plan, anyway.

  • Erika

    I’ve been trying to get him to model for us… he has not been doing well recently, and I guess hasn’t felt up to it.

    I know better than to try to get Cinnamon to model. I tried to put a little hat on her a few weeks back. She bit my hand, then ran away. (Fair enough.)