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So… Close…

Look! Frost on the ground – so wintry!

(This picture was taken earlier today. The frost is long gone.)

Plain brown sweater

The deadline is Sunday. I have had to backtrack several times, most recently to rip out the 3/4ths-finished collar because I realized I had done it on the same size needle that I used for the body. (You want to use a smaller needle, to prevent it from being puffy.)

It won’t win any awards for seaming, but it should hold. Once I finish the collar, the only thing that remains is to wash it one more time before gifting it.

Why do I have to wash it again, you might ask? Because when I was blocking the pieces the first time, some naughty cat tracked a bunch of ash from the wood stove onto it. Right onto the shoulder, where you would really smell it, too. Sigh!

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