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Oh Hello, Blog!

It’s been so long since I blogged anything that WordPress logged me out. That’s embarrassing.

I don’t actually have anything to report, except that I have been super busy. Mostly I just wanted to blog because if I go this long between posts, people start worrying that I might be dead. But I am not.

Also, I am typing this from beneath a cat.


This is Cinnamon’s favorite location, when I am weak enough to indulge her in it. Most of her weight is taken by the molded wrist rest on the keyboard. I do pretty well when she is like this, although I have trouble feeling for the Z, X, and C keys (inconveniently, the keyboard shortcuts I use most often). She is purring up a storm.

I see from the picture that A) it’s time to brush her again (I have never met a non-sick cat so disinterested in grooming itself) and B) sadly she has put on all the weight I took off her over the last year. Kimble has become a difficult eater, and if I’m not careful, Cinnamon sneaks up and cleans his plate when I’m not looking. Naughty kitty!

3 comments to Oh Hello, Blog!

  • Oh, it’s very good to know you’re not dead! LOL One of my cats likes to snuggle at the keyboard too, so I wear a fleece vest that I can zip him into, making an oddly-placed pregnancy-like bump and freeing my hands and keyboard for typing. His face usually peeks out above the zipper cutely.

  • What a coincidence: I’m reading this from under a cat! Mine is draped over my left arm, purring.

  • Cristina

    I was just reading while my kitty was perched in front of the screen and drinking out of my cup. He just sneezed into it.

    I’d love to see your fleece vest kitty bump – auntie, do you have pictures?