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Sketch Wednesday: Boxer Boxing in a Box for Boxing Day

Pretty sure this is how that works.

Sketch Wednesday

3 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Boxer Boxing in a Box for Boxing Day

  • So, boxed boxing boxer. Box cubed…

  • j

    I’m sure you have mentioned this in other sketch posts–but is this the app Paper? If so I wondered how you like the color blending packet. I have the different tools but not the colors.

    Sweet boxer. And I was sad to see Seasons recommended as a great start to new Simmers…it was the one I loved most of Sims 2, and that which i most looked forward to in 3, but supernatural was too much for my machine, and now I can’t play five minutes without a crash. One day, one day i’ll see the snow…

  • Erika

    Thanks! And yeah, unfortunately Sims 3 expansion packs tend to be real tests of a computer’s abilities. I’m starting to have some instability problems with Seasons, and I have a pretty sweet computer (although it’s far from top-of-the-line).

    I had been using Sketchbook Pro for the iPad, and I liked it a lot. But for several reasons, as of about a month ago I am creating all of my digital art on my laptop, using Photoshop plus one of these cheap Wacom tablet knock-offs.