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Luckily, Family Christmas Isn’t For Two More Weeks

I knew it was pretty ambitious to expect that the Plain Brown Sweater would be finished by Christmas. But I had a trump card, which I will now have to play: the family Christmas gathering is more than two weeks away.

Plain Brown Sweater

Which is good, because I’m only about halfway through the second sleeve. And it still has to be blocked and sewn and had the collar knit on, so there’s that to look forward to as well.

2 comments to Luckily, Family Christmas Isn’t For Two More Weeks

  • You’ll get it done, especially if you skip most of the post-holiday sales. LOL

    My family gathered today, so 98% of my holiday is done. All my yarny (knit and crochet!) were done on time, which is unusual. I did get a request for a set of hot pads, but that doesn’t count!

    Hope your holidays are as good as mine or better!

  • Oops. One ought to proofread before clicking “submit.” Insert “gifts” on either side of the parenthetical phrase.

    proofing now…