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More Geocaching Fun

I had really wanted to get into geocaching for the winter months, as strange as that sounds. Our winters are pretty mild, comparatively speaking. But one does get cabin fever, with all the darkness and the damp.

It’s nice to get outside on days when it’s not too bad. And I like having something to do outside the home that doesn’t involve spending money.

I started by going back to a spot I had no success at before. I often have to go after the same target twice. (There’s one in Anacortes that I have looked for at least 10 times. That one is maddening. This one was not that bad.)


This time I challenged myself to take vertical photos. Just to mix things up a little.


This one was on a road that runs alongside a golf course. I didn’t spot any golfers, though. I guess “38 degrees and windy” is not considered prime golfing weather.


And finally, a location on an old road along the shore that I didn’t know existed. That’s part of what makes geocaching so fun – it takes you to places you would never have noticed or known about, otherwise.

2 comments to More Geocaching Fun

  • I discovered on a trip once that if a photo looks boring in the viewfinder, turn the camera 90 degrees to vertical. Instant zing! (The other trick I have learned in the intervening years is to go closer. Or, in these days of digital photography, to crop mercilessly.

  • So, did you find it this time?