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Sketch Wednesday: Deer With A People Face

First, let me just say thank you to everyone for your comments on yesterday’s post. Thanks for both the recipes, and the validation that I am not the only person who loathes potlucks. I theorize that potlucks exist in a terrible nexus of “social anxiety” and “food safety concerns.”

Anyway, here’s the story behind today’s sketch. I was doodling a deer, which I like to do as a warm-up for drawing the unicorns, because physically I base them as much on deer as horses.

When I got to the face, I was half-assing it by this point and got a little sloppy. I did the eyes, and then I realized that the eyes and the shape of the head were much more human than deer. Frankly, it looked pretty disturbing. So obviously I completed the effect by adding a people nose and chin and eyebrows.

Sketch Wednesday

I’m so enamored of this creation that I feel like I might expand it in the future. You know, with color and a background and dialog. More likely I will forget about it the instant I publish this post, and that will be the last you ever hear of the People Deer.

P.S. Guess what’s for lunch? Meatballs!

2 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Deer With A People Face

  • Let me just say this about potlucks: I may like them, but the food service inspector guy for our county health department absolutely refuses to go to one. I do, however, like the deer-with-a-human-face. S/he looks like s/he has been invited to a potluck but also has that social anxiety-food safety thing going on.

  • Erika

    Ha! Yes, I have to agree: Deer John has a lot of concerns about food being held at the proper temperature.