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Sims Sunday: Drama! Suspense! Snowmen!

Summer ended and fall began. It was time for leaves to turn colors, and Sims to plan out their fall party costumes. I picked something out for Logan, then sent him to the festival grounds to show it off.

sims sunday

AHAHAHHA. I’m not sure which is funnier; the costume, or his outraged expression.

Now get in that haunted house, Mr. Hot Dog! Right now!

sims sunday

Later he even won an apple-bobbing contest.

sims sunday

But to my surprise, when he was invited to a costume party the next day, he changed himself into this EMT outfit instead.

sims sunday

It turned out to be a good choice, though. Turns out there were already three other people dressed as hot dogs.

sims sunday

As you’ll recall last week, we left Logan smooching with his new girlfriend Emma Perry. But here’s the thing… It soon became clear that he wasn’t as into her as she was into him.

He rarely thought about her when she wasn’t around. Meanwhile she was going over the top, giving him bouquet after bouquet of flowers, one right after the next. (Seriously, lady; stop it with the flowers!)

However, the next time he visited the festival grounds, he ran into a fellow with great chemistry.

sims sunday

That’s Jayden James rocking the Wolverine sideburns. And I love that he’s apparently saying, “Oh hi, you’re the guy with the hot dog costume.”

sims sunday

It didn’t take long before they were making out, right there by the apple-bobbing tank.

When he finally returned home, Logan had about 30 Jayden-related wishes in a row. For example, to write Jayden a love letter.

sims sunday

Hah! His lovesick expression is just nauseating, isn’t it?

Later that day, he invited Jayden over. While they talked outside in the snow, Logan was thinking about matrimony.

sims sunday

I was too. And I had picked out the perfect place for Logan to propose: a wonderfully scenic old collection of ruins near the stadium.

sims sunday

They had romantic action after romantic action, but the option to propose marriage never popped up.

That was when I had a terrible realization… we were going to have to break up with Emma, first. The thought filled me with dread.

I’ve never had to make my Sim break up with someone. In the past, my Sims have always broken up with each other. If you leave them alone for very long, and they aren’t getting along, eventually they will fight enough that they will break up.

But since Emma and Logan hadn’t seen each other since Logan had started seeing Jayden, Logan and Emma’s relationship had never had a chance to die an honorable death.

(By the way, in The Sims 3 you can’t break up with someone via text or email or over the phone. Like the coward that I am, I checked.)

You guys, I know – FOR A FACT – that these are not real people. I KNOW THIS. But I have to tell you, I literally felt nauseous with dread as I clicked to have Logan invite Emma over to his house.

sims sunday

Yeah, well… I guess that’s fair. I’d feel stabby too, under the circumstances.

Worse, I had to invite her over twice. The first time, for some reason, she turned around and left before Logan could finish inviting her inside. Which is why, when she showed up the second time, I had him pounce on that action and break up with her first thing.

sims sunday

Of course, this meant that he broke up with her on the SIDEWALK, like he couldn’t even do the decent thing and invite her inside first.

I felt really, REALLY rotten about the whole thing.

And then, to make matters worse, when he went back to Jayden, Jayden was mad at him, too!

sims sunday

“I hate you, hot dog man!”

Gossip travels fast in SimWorld. I guess Jayden hadn’t realized before that Logan actually had a girlfriend? I don’t know, but it was horrible. SO HORRIBLE.

I tried inviting Jayden over to Logan’s house, thinking that maybe the cold weather had made him cranky.

sims sunday

Nooooooo! Jayden, don’t be mad! Stuff happens! But you’re the one he really loves! He broke up with her once he realized! DON’T BE LIKE THIS.

sims sunday

For the record, telling an angry person to “Calm Down” doesn’t work any better in Sims 3 than it does in real life.

I was despondent by this point. I sent Jayden home, hoping that some time apart would cool him off. You never know, sometimes they get these negative moodlets, and if you give it 24 hours they go away.

In the meantime, Logan built snowmen. In the dark. By himself.

sims sunday

“With his stovepipe hat and his button nose and his eyes made out of JAYDEN WHY WON’T YOU LOVE MEEEEEE!!!”

We also decorated his house for the Snowflake Festival. So pretty! And yet so sad.

sims sunday

The next day I decided it was time to suck it up and march Logan over to Jayden’s house. (I planned it that way on purpose. It seems like Sims are often in a better mood in their own homes.)

We started with a little light flirting…

sims sunday


sims sunday

He was forgiven! I literally clapped.

Quick before Jayden could change his mind, I sent them back to the ruins together. The snow was still falling in an extremely romantic fashion.

Logan popped the question.

sims sunday

And Jayden said yes!

sims sunday

By this time, Logan was quite chilled, and I was sure Jayden was, too. But how best to warm them up?

sims sunday

Okay, well, I could do without the capri pants.

sims sunday

His puka shell necklace has got to go, too. But would you LOOK at Logan’s shmoopy face? Aww. TRUE WUV.

17 comments to Sims Sunday: Drama! Suspense! Snowmen!

  • Slager

    Costume parties?? Icicle lights?!?? I’M SOLDDDDDDDD

    Also, just the other day I wanted my Sim to break up with his boyfriend (whom he’d been with since high school, yikes) just because I thought he had good genes and I wanted him to have children with a lady. It took forever to get the boyfriend to stand still long enough to perform the Break Up action. It’s like they know it’s coming!

  • ErinLindsey

    Oh, I hope my current Sims (Sherlock and John) never want to break up. I dont think I’d be able to handle the heartbreak, and I dont know which one I’d want to keep and which one I’d want to send out into the world alone.

    I’m seriously thinking of turning off the aging so they wont ever die. They’re the first Sims I’ve had that I dont like to torture.

  • gabes

    I find once my sims are married they’re usually ok. A few exceptions but most are nauseating by the time they are old. Once after an earthquake my sims first action was to start making out.

  • Wow, inviting your girlfriend over so you can dump her while she’s standing up to her bare ankles in the snow. Harsh, man. Maybe that’s why Jayden was mad.

  • navkat

    Slager, for the love of PETE, man, Use a mod! It’s MUCH more humane than shoving your poor sim back into the closet! LOL.

    Twallan’s Master Controller allows you to add an “instant baby” to a household but what you’re looking for is the WooHooer mod which allows same-gendered couples to have a pregnancy together.

    The OTHER option is Ctrl+Shift+C, testingcheatsenabled true, Enter. Then Shft+click on one of the two sims, choose “edit sim in CAS,” turn the sim into the opposite gender, impregnate, then turn the sim BACK the same way. Personally, I prefer the WooHooer/gay pregnancy option.

    If you are devoutly anti-cheat the way Erika is, understand that not all mods are CHEATS. Mods sometimes add, repair or perfect game functionality (Twallan fixed the “horde of zombies” problem WAAAY before EA issued a patch, for instance) without compromising “fair” gameplay. I believe there is nothing that fits the spirit of cheating about loading a script which allows a gay couple to experience a pregnancy, so long as you are game-playing that entire pregnancy and aging-up the way you would a straight couple.

    Think of it this way: you wouldn’t call it cheating if EA granted your wish and came out with a patch that allows that, right? Well, someone else HAS written a patch already.

    I used to fear mods but Twallan’s are super-stable and he supports/maintains them religiously.


  • I got over my distaste about sims breaking up a while ago. Now I think it’s hilarious.

  • Erika

    navkat, That’s some great info, thanks! I never would have thought of pushing them into CAS and switching their genders. That’s hilarious! I may have to try that some time.

    I wouldn’t exactly call myself “anti-cheat.” I just prefer to play with some difficulty. I mean, the game’s already pretty easy. I like the challenge. But I will happily resort to other means when the situation calls for it. And the mod community does an amazing service for all players – for FREE – which is truly outstanding.

    I feel about cheats the same way I do about tattoos, in other words. I think they’re fine, but it’s not something that I want for myself.

  • This might be my favorite Sims Sunday yet!

  • moiraeknittoo

    Those three hot dog people in a row with the TRULY UNFORTUNATE location of the end of the “hot dogs” had me howling. I don’t know why, but it really hit my funny bone hard.

  • paduasoy

    I love the three hot-doggers in a row.

  • Another Erika

    I found out just last night that the betrayed moodlet is a negative 75 points and lasts three days. And since one of my other Sims also died that day, the cheated on Sim was completely red during the 48-hour mourning period. I never should have had his girlfriend confess to cheating.

  • Another Erika

    Also, if you do get one of your male Sims pregnant either through a mod or by temporarily switching genders, you might want to download male pregnancy meshes so your pregnant Sim isn’t a discombobulated floating head.

  • Depending on how seasons enabled alien pregnancies (where abducted male sims have a chance to come back carrying an alien baby) a lack of male pregnancy meshes may no longer be a problem, if you have that expansion.

  • It’s just impossible to stay mad at a chubby werewolf in an ugly christmas sweater…

    (I looked at the three hot-doggers with appalled hilarity, also.)

  • gabes

    now i don’t feel so bad, thought it was just me and the hotdog related hilarity! :)

  • gabes

    Will we be seeing Jayden and Logans love children then? pls pls pls!

  • Erika

    I’m genuinely torn on the issue.

    On the one hand, I love the idea of doing a gender swap for pregnancy and then switch back. I could have everyone vote on which one had to become female! Also it would give me a chance to make some Iain M. Banks Culture jokes, which is a rare opportunity.

    On the other hand, if they adopt, it will be a chance to break with the Alphabetti genetics. A lot of traits have been carried forward over the generations, and it gets a little annoying. Like the pointed ears, and a super-long lifespan, every single hidden trait, etc. It might be fun to start fresh for the first time in a while.