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The Perils of Blogging

I never know when it’s okay to blog about something unrelated, when there’s a big Thing that happens. Because the problem is, life goes on.

Yesterday I posted info about new merch to the Unicorns Barf Rainbows blog. A few hours later I checked Twitter and found my tweet floating in a punch bowl full of tragedy and sadness and serious talk about gun control.

It seemed wrong; completely tone deaf. I was taken aback. But enough hours had passed that deleting it with an apology would only call more attention to it. Better to just pretend it had never happened. But I still felt like an a-hole about it.

Then I thought, “Well, at least it’s about a unicorn FARTING butterflies and not SHOOTING butterflies.” And I felt like an even bigger a-hole. But that’s just how life works sometimes. You do the best you can.

My blogging plan for yesterday had been to talk about how the cat threw up on Rambling Rows, which precipitated the first washing of the afghan. But yesterday definitely didn’t seem like the right time to joke about driving to the laundromat with a baggie of unscented laundry detergent in my purse.

Rambling Rows

Is today still too soon? I don’t know. People are still pretty upset. It was an upsetting event.

I’ll tell you what, though: between you and me, I think the next week is going to be pretty rough. A lot of crazy and stupid people believe that the world is going to end next Friday. Which means that this week will find them in a reckless mood, to say the least. Be safe.

8 comments to The Perils of Blogging

  • Almost as upsetting as yesterday’s events was reading (on Twitter, of course) that US gun sales are up 48% since Obama’s re-election.

  • Erika

    Yeah, I mean, I’m a little skeptical of those numbers, but there is certainly a very strong sentiment among paranoid conservatives that “Obama’s gonna take away our guns, so you’d better buy ‘em up fast.”

  • kimber

    you did nothing wrong, you shouldn’t feel bad about the tweet at all. as a CT resident I’ve been keeping the TV off and only checking blogs I know I can come get a laugh or a lil bit of from. though I don’t live in Newtown and wasn’t directly effected, I think we all have been effected in some way. so I truely appreciate cat puke! and butterfly pooping unicorns is a great image to have in my head tonight.

  • kimber

    lil bit of *normal* meant to say *normal*

  • I definitely agree that avoiding wallowing in bad news is healthy. We had a couple of mall shootings this week in our extended metro area; conversations about appropriate responses are taking place everywhere but on the news programs.

    New topic: how do you keep from felting RR? Oh. I just remembered: it’s acrylic. Duh. In the pet messes department, my little dog was fretting in the middle of the night. The solution was clipping her rear at 4am. At least I didn’t have to suit up to clean up. LOL

  • two silver cats

    I’ve been reading a lot about how the news media “idolizes” such bad news– how the shooter’s name becomes a household name, how we learn about what weapons he used, what his motive was, his mental health status… in other words, we learn everything there is to know about him. He becomes a CELEBRITY. A celebrity for doing an unbelievable act, but a celebrity nonetheless. It’s the news media’s fault for exalting him like this, but it’s also partly our fault if we attend to what they are showing us.

    I agree with Kimber: I don’t watch much TV, and I try not to read too many news articles about it. I’d much rather hear about compassion and helping the families than focusing on the shooter.

  • georg

    I can’t make jokes about the holiday stress either. Most years I comment about shopping in the major shopping center and how I’d like to do bad things so there isn’t so much crazy making congestion etc. I don’t own a gun, but the season makes me want one. I hate the holidays.

    So instead I’m trying hard to think about dandelion breaks. We all need one heck of a massive dandelion break.

  • Sara

    I’m with Kimber: you did nothing wrong! Please don’t feel bad about your tweet.

    Also: just don’t leave your bag of white powder at the post office. :-)