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Sketch Wednesday: What I Woke Up To

Last night I awoke in the middle of the night to find this sight hovering literally two inches from my face.

Sketch Wednesday

Cinnamon had crept up into the sleeping loft, into bed, and onto my shoulder without either I or Kimble noticing. From her perch, she peered down intently into my face until I woke up. It was… unsettling.

The second problem being, it was The Wrong Cat. Kimble has control of the bedroom loft. The old man slept on, oblivious to the intruder. Cinnamon spent the whole night delirious with joy at sleeping under the covers. I had a fitful night’s sleep, waiting for a cat fight to break out on my face at any minute.

They are pretty good with each other, but I didn’t want to see what would happen if Kimble stepped on her in the middle of the night by accident.

Eventually I got up and went down to use the bathroom, and Kimble came along (as he often does) and a few minutes later Cinnamon came downstairs as well. This time she was content to sleep in the Cinna-Cave for the rest of the night.

3 comments to Sketch Wednesday: What I Woke Up To

  • Sara


    I’m SO glad Eleanor and Melvin get along. Gwyndolyn and Rashid did, um, act out some kitty politics once in a while. Luckily they preferred the foot of the bed.

  • I used to wake up to that, too – usually because a cat was breathing into my nose from Extreme Close Range. Erk!
    At one point, Madman and I had 5 cats. Four of them got along (more or less) and would occasionally deign to curl up together in a pair or two, but one of them hated all other cats. Especially other cats who lived in Her House. With great passion, she hated them. And she felt that our bed was her exclusive territory. Imagine waking up to her wrath as one or more of the other cats had sneaked up onto the bed in the middle of the night while she was asleep…

  • Erika

    And yet they still tried to sneak up on your bed! Why cats can’t leave well enough alone is just part of their eternal mystery.