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Cat Pandering

I enlisted my photography assistant for this round of pictures. I enlisted him via the simple expedient of turning on my digital camera.

plain brown sweater

The camera makes a distinctive noise when it turns on and retracts the lens cap. As soon as I turned on the camera, I heard the thump as the old man left the comfort of the couch in order to Be Involved In Things.

(In fact, when I don’t want him involved, I have to make a noise to cover up the sound of the camera – coughing, running the sink, something along those lines.)

I ask you, was there ever such a ham?

plain brown sweater

This is the front, which I have knit up to the armpit decreases. Although it’s difficult to see it behind my assistant’s accusatory glare.

14 comments to Cat Pandering

  • I interpret his expression as saying, “Are you trying to imply that you don’t want me in the picture? Well!”

  • :( he’s looking so skinny! The knitting, what I can see of it, looks nice.

  • Xeres

    That’s his ‘O Hai!’ face <3

  • Erika

    It’s true, the old man is having some health issues. (He’s 17 1/2.) I’m just grateful for every day that he is still with me.

  • Vicki

    Maybe he thinks you should accept, acknowledge the fact his is supervising, not assisting.

  • Sara

    That is clearly the cold, angry glare of Kitteh Love. Sigh: so adorable!

  • Erika

    Heh! It’s true – he wouldn’t be so annoyed that I was paying so little attention to him (in his mind) if he didn’t care!

  • two silver cats


    …er, sweater!

  • tari

    I have a similar assistant issue-although mine is a two legged, 16 month old who believe she is the photographer and…why are holding my camera woman, give it here! *Sigh*

  • That’s too funny! All my cats run from the camera. It’s like they don’t want the paparazzi to catch them in the act (usually of eating something they aren’t supposed to or sleeping in a funny position).

  • See, cats are much better than Bling…

    My sheep always want to press their noses on the camera. I don’t know why.

  • Like my Joon and Skype. Every time I Skype with my sister, Joon is stomping around in my lap within a minute of the beginning of the conversation.

  • Northmoon

    Awww, your old man is adorable. So much more interesting than a sweater. I’m fostering a cat of unknown age with kidney failure problems who has a similar look. Sort of ‘I’m still here, you still love me, right?’ look. So sweet.

    By the way I like using the Louet Riverstone, nice yarn, makes a good looking sweater.

  • Hahaha too funny! He has a such a sweet, albeit slightly grumpy, face!