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Sketch Wednesday: My “Arrested Development” Fanart

Sure, I Tweeted this already, so it’s kind of cheating. But A) it was a bad photo, and B) I added some watercolor since then.

Sketch Wednesday

The watercolor wash buckled the flimsy sketchbook paper, which is why those lines are all warbly.

I have been re-watching “Arrested Development” in the evening before bedtime. I’m finding that the show is a lot funnier the second time through.

This is taken from the establishing shot of the model home that shows up at least once in each episode. The model home practically qualifies as a character in and of itself.

Sadly, as I took this sheet off the scanner, it snagged on something and tore nearly in half. Shed a little tear for this small, quick sketch: I taped it back together, but it’s basically dead.

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