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Sketch Wednesday (Belated): Success!

I finally got all the right little pieces in the right order. (The final piece was figuring out how to tell my scanner to scan at 300 dpi.) It’s not perfect, but the day I look at something I made and think “There is nothing about this that I could do better” is the day I die, so.

Sketch Wednesday

This is brush pen and watercolor on Bristol paper. Bristol paper happens to be the absolute worst thing to try and use for watercolor. I know this – I know it full well, and from ample personal experience – but I did it anyway. I probably need to find a decent, smooth-textured watercolor paper to use in the future, to protect myself from this insanity.

Expect this image to return some day soonish, in the form of prints for sale, suitable for framing as they say.

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