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Holiday Knitting

If the holidays are frantic in so many other ways, at least I usually manage to get some knitting time in. I have very nearly finished the back of the Plain Brown Sweater.

plain brown sweater

It really is brown, although I understand it doesn’t appear that way on most monitors (my own included).

As for the pattern, I’m using Cheryl Brunette’s book Sweater 101 which is basically a textbook on sweaters. (Some of you just got very excited at that description, and others cringed. It’s okay, I understand!)

It’s a great book, although it’s a bit on the technical side, and perhaps not for everyone. But if you want to know more about sweaters, and how to put them together and get them to fit properly, I highly recommend it.

(Disclaimer: I received a free review copy of this book, although it was many years ago.)

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