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Sketch Wednesday: Materials Failure

I have been gearing up to make honest-no-fooling, real-world prints and originals. After agonizing over media choices, I finally picked Bristol board and Copic markers. I have been utterly smitten with the electronic version of Copic markers in the Sketchbook Pro software program, but this was my first time using them in real life.

I started by making a picture of a unicorn pooping cupcakes. As one does.

Sketch Wednesday

When I went to scan in my lovely finished work, as practice for creating prints, I hit my first hitch. I had bought a 12×12 pad of Bristol paper, because it was on sale. Problem: it was too big to fit on my scanner.


The experience of working with Copic markers and the results were FANTASTIC. In fact, I was so enamored of the whole process that I really had to wonder, why don’t Real Artists use them more often?

After doing some research, I learned the sad truth: Copic markers may be “archival” in the sense that they will not eat the paper. But they are not in the least bit lightfast.

You can spray the work with a UV coating, and/or frame it with UV-protectant glass. But that’s only a stopgap measure. It only slows the inevitable fading process. Unless it’s kept in a drawer somewhere, Copic marker art will only last five, maybe ten years.

Sad! But I’m grateful to have learned about it now, before I spent very much money on the markers. Or – worse still – sold the originals to the unwitting public.

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