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Gratuitous cat video

Every time I turn on the printer, Cinnamon magically appears at my elbow. She is both fascinated and terrified by the printer. When a sheet of paper pops out, she jumps – Every. Single. Time.

This time I happened to have the camera handy to capture the hilarity. And at the very very end, she makes her adorable little “beep” noise.

7 comments to Gratuitous cat video

  • Franz

    Looks like she jumps just before the paper appears.

  • Ember

    Nah, she jumps when SHE can see it, peering through the tray, as she is. We don’t see it til it passes the lid. Soooo cute.

  • Erika

    Well, I mean, obviously it’s her cat-like reflexes. (Wait…)

    I think it’s a combination of the paper popping out slightly before we can see it, and some anticipatory jumpiness on Cinnamon’s part, because this was actually the third sheet that I printed.

  • Erika

    I also love how, if you look closely, you can actually see her breathing speed up when the printer starts printing. This is seriously exciting stuff, to a curious little cat!

  • Sara

    Melvin’s like that, too. He DROPS whatever he’s doing (except eating) and DASHES into the office to watch the paper. I’ve actually seen him stop begging for food(!) to check the printer’s hum.

  • My little cat Mollie is similarly fascinated by the Xbox tray. My husband will sit on the couch with the wireless controller, opening and closing the tray for her endlessly, watching as she starts, meeps at it, paws at it and tries to understand its mysteries.

  • two silver cats

    I like how after the paper pops out (and she jumps) there is a loooooooooooooooooooooooong staring contest until she finally turns away.