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Sketch Wednesday: Snowy Trees

This is a doodle I drew while on a long phone call.

Sketch Wednesday

I had intended to draw a whole forest scene, complete with boulders, rolling hills, a little stream, bunnies, the whole thing. But I stopped after drawing the first line of trees. With the white of the rest of the sheet of paper, it looked like the edge of an interesting forest at the top of a snowy hill.

The lesson here being: learn to quit when you’re ahead.

5 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Snowy Trees

  • Franz

    Nice. I assume that’s pen-and-ink, not digital?

  • Karen M.

    Wrong forum, but, try using a magic eraser on baked on grease. I do like your drawings as well.

  • It’s perfect as is. Love the snowy field effect!

  • Erika

    Well-spotted, Franz! Yes, I keep a stack of copy paper close at hand to make notes with. I still prefer regular paper for taking notes, and that’s where the doodles end up, too.

  • Ginny

    I like your happy little trees!

    As for the pan, can you microwave it? If so, heating water and lemon juice works for me. I don’t go crazy but heat the water to hot several times and it helps work the grease loose.