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Sims Sunday: Studying Up

We begin with the birth of the Spare Heir, Logan.

sims sunday

With the second heir in place, I felt it was time to work on Leroy and Kirby’s Lifetime Wishes. When Kirby turned into a teen I chose the Lifetime Wish to “Create 10 zombies either by potion or spell.”

Which is why, after they married, that I really felt it was Fate. Because Leroy’s Lifetime Wish turned out to be “Cure 10 zombies, either by potion or spell.”

Before we get into the meat of the week (such as it was), here’s my Visual Glitch of the Week:

sims sunday

No big deal, you might think. Just another Sim who got scorched by an electrical short. But here’s the weird part: that is BONEHILDA. She got scorched when she tried to fix the broken dishwasher, and that is her scorched skin.

Once she showered off the scorching, she went back to looking like Bonehilda as usual.

sims sunday

Ugh, who gave that kid an Imaginary Friend doll? Dang, those things are creepy.

Also, Kitty had a wish to visit the nearby park. There she met and chatted with the town unicorn, Neptune.

sims sunday

“I like ants,” Kitty said.

“I like ______,” Neptune said. (I can’t figure out what that thing is!)

I kept Leroy and Kirby busy this week. The laundry kind of piled up.

sims sunday


I hired a maid, but they never showed up. Or maybe they showed up and then quit, and I didn’t notice. Hard to say.

Oh, and speaking of zombies, our old pal Branch Timbley was turned!

sims sunday

Okay so, here is what most of my week was like.

sims sunday

Study study study! This kind of leveling up works well for the sort of Sims where you play while you are eating dinner at your desk and your hands are busy.

In order to make a zombie, you have to have achieved a high level of Alchemy skill. I misunderstood the Lifetime Wish, and thought that the “Zombification” potion would do the trick. Your Sim learns this potion at about Level 5.

As soon as Kirby hit Level 5 and learned the potion, I rushed her home to try it on one of the house ghosts.

She threw the potion at the ghost’s feet…

sims sunday

… And nothing happened. (The ghost had to pee before she threw the potion. That’s a pre-existing condition.)


Next I sent Kirby to the town park to wait for a normal Sim to wander past.

sims sunday


sims sunday


Wait, there’s another Sim! Kapow!

sims sunday


Then I checked Kirby’s Lifetime wish and discovered that it still said “0/10″ meaning that these two zombies didn’t count.

That’s when I searched online and learned that there is a difference between the Zombification potion (which is easy, and only lasts 3 days) and the Potent Zombification potion (which is hard, and is permanent).

In order to learn the Potent Zombification potion, you have to be at Alchemy Level 9. So it was back to the books.

sims sunday

While she was studying, Lars grew up into a child.

sims sunday

Such an adorable Roger Ebert sweater vest! Love it.

And Leroy became BFFs with Kitty.

sims sunday

By the way, I realized why Sim cats always look a little “off” to me.

sims sunday

No whiskers.

sims sunday

Study study study… she finally learned the potion! Now we just have to collect all the ingredients, and THEN we can zombificate some townies.

12 comments to Sims Sunday: Studying Up

  • Slager

    I think that thing in the unicorn’s speech bubble is a sprinkler. Unicorns LOVE sprinklers.

  • navkat

    YAYYYY! This blog is like a drug.

  • Ginny

    Paper Shredder? Do unicorns love paper shredders?

  • Shannon

    Neptune definately loves sprinklers.

  • Theo-Francis

    Seems the recent patch created a lot of new glitches. Keep getting Error 12 or whatever it is, and can’t seem to properly add a spouse to family.

    BUT, I had my first case of spontaneous woohoo! I’ve never had two Sims do it without my prodding! Surprise babies would be a fun feature!

  • kt

    Hmmm…a scarab-filled typewriter?

  • Robert

    I think that the unicorn likes harmonicas.

  • Erika

    Ugh, I have gotten Error 12 a few times, too. So far if I play for a few more minutes and save again, it has been fine. SO FAR. Fingers crossed, and I am saving a LOT of backups!

  • So does the Lifetime Wish have to be 10 distinct zombies, or could Kirby and Leroy team up and take turns cursing and curing one sim 10 times? (I’m guessing the victim sim would probably end up with some kind of residual brain damage. Or maybe just permanent vertigo…)

  • Erika

    That is a really good question, I don’t know the answer – but I think I will have to experiment! Tee hee!

  • I am always disappointed when your blog entries are short, and equally excited when I discover at “continue reading” link at the end of the short entry!

  • Another Erika

    If the zombie LTW is like the Heartbreaker LTW, then I would guess Kirby will have to zombify 10 distinct Sims, but you never know.