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Friday Wrap-Up

ONE. I’m already about a third of the way through my next project, which I call That 70s Scarf. This picture is frustrating, because none of the colors are accurate. Trust me, in real life, you would look at this scarf and think, “Wow, so 70s!”

That 70s Scarf

TWO. I’m pretty sure this scarf is for me. Every year I knit myself a new scarf, and every year I end up going back to my Danica scarf. But this year That 70s Scarf will un-seat Danica, I can just feel it.

THREE. Cinnamon has improved further upon the Cinna-Cave. If you’ll recall, I had sewn a top layer in at the front edge of the shelf above her. (I say “sewn” but it was more like “looping cotton yarn between the fabric and the wire shelf.”) I let it dangle down in back to create a sort of pita pocket.

She has discovered that she can tunnel in behind the stuff adjacent to the Cinna-Cave, and sleep on top of what was meant to be her ceiling. It’s even more snug back there, and the drape of the roof creates a cat hammock.

It also makes it extra-ninja, because no one can see her when she’s back there. She loves that part best, I think.

This is a rare shot of Cinnamon peeking out of her lair. As soon as I spotted her like this, I dashed for the camera, quick before she retreated again.

That 70s Scarf

It’s interesting that she loves such a stealthy sleeping spot. She is not shy at all. She scampers around with her tail straight up in the air like she owns the place. When strangers arrive, she not only greets them at the door, she insists they pick her up and carry her around.

FOUR. Speaking of hammocks, if you have extra bits of nasty acrylic yarn, this blogger will happily take them off your hands. She knits rat hammocks for a local rat shelter. The sturdier the acrylic, the better. The rats are not picky about color, either.

FIVE. I am bewitched by the phrase “rat hammock.” Say it out loud. It’s fun!

SIX. If you’re interested in photography and pretty pictures (who isn’t?), check out my friend Franz’s photo blog. And if you like robots and web comics (who doesn’t?), I recommend my friend Raleigh’s web comic A Robotic Love.

SEVEN. I recently bought a Boston fern that obviously wishes I hadn’t. I’m surprised an alarm doesn’t go off whenever I walk into a gardening department.

4 comments to Friday Wrap-Up

  • Perfect! I just received three skeins of nasty acrylic. Miss Arabella can make some pink and red rat hammocks from the Red Heart.

  • two silver cats


    Two. I was JUST thinking about nasty acrylic! I teach special ed and many of my kids have low muscle tone and poor fine motor control. I would love to teach them how to knit, but I think that’s too much to start with (they can’t even handle finger knitting), so I am thinking of setting up a vertical loom with a simple rigid heddle. The only problem is, this is going to involve yarn, and lots of it. I do believe you have inspired me to do a “nasty acrylic” yarn drive of my own.


  • Ginny

    One, it might be a holdover from when she was homeless. Awake, she knows the score and can react to anything with “Danger Tail”. However, she is vulnerable when asleep and likes the Cinna Pocket you two have perfected.

    Two, many blessings on you for helping to destash my house. Hey, that could be a tv show. You come over with multiple parties that need assistance and I get to donate with no guilt.

    Three, raaaaaaaattttttttt hhhhhaaaaaammmmmmmmooooooccccckkkkkk!

  • Northmoon

    One of my cat beds with a foam surround got tipped upside down. All the cats love it that way – the bottom sags to make a hammock, it’s even better than a straight on the ground bed.