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The puppies turn five weeks old tomorrow. They have long since gained the ability to poop on their own, which is nice. But they poop so much more (in both volume and frequency) which is less nice. Their teeth have come in, such sharp little teeth. They are basically weaned, and are eating dog kibble soaked in water to make a mush.

At this stage they have developed into the creature that people think of when you say the word “puppy.” Interactive, roly-poly, fuzzy, and boisterous. They make eye contact, and yap, and frolic. They come running if you squeal “PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY” in a high-pitched voice.

I wasn’t able to participate in this year’s pumpkin photo shoot, but here is a picture that someone else took.


We’re past the halfway point. They will be going to their new homes in about three weeks. They grow up so quickly, snif!

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