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Aziz, Light!

I’m a big-time hater of Daylight Saving Time. And when we “fall back” I always find myself wishing for more light. I barely managed to catch the light today, just in time to snap some shots of the second completed stripey scarf.

Stripey Scarf

These pictures make it look a lot more moody than it really is.

Stripey scarf

(Either my eyes are tired, or this picture isn’t quite in focus. Maybe both.)

Cascade 220, as before. I feel like I’m, I don’t know, wasting my talents by just knitting color block garter stitch scarves. But they are so easy and mindless, and I’m just not up for any more challenging knitting at the moment. (Which is why I have started a third.)

11 comments to Aziz, Light!

  • two silver cats

    Okay, I admit… I didn’t even read the rest of the post. I was too busy laughing at the title.

    (Rolls eyes, makes another tally mark on the piece of paper…)

  • I’m knitting a Doctor Who scarf, the epitome of all color block garter stitch scarves. Join me in my mindlessness (it’s great for knitting during class).

  • Slager

    Thank you for saying Daylight SAVING instead of Daylight SAVINGS. It’s a stupid pet peeve of mine, but… you know, the grammars and all.

  • Karen M.

    I am no fan of DST either. It’s dark at 4:30 for g*ds sake. If you sew the garter scarves together you’ll have another afghan. Just kidding. They are very hansome and you have done a marvelous job of the finishing. Any recent Puppy photos ?

  • Erika

    It’s so true! We’re getting dark at 5:30 now. Ridiculous.

    I’m hoping to have puppy pics either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how it goes. Stay tuned!

  • Ginny

    These scarves are like popcorn, can’t have just one handful. Besides, they are cute as all get out and somebody has a warm neck, ears and nose this winter! And it must be a great odd ball terminator.

    I loathe DST. Our newest cat Tesla refuses to believe it and wants breakfast at 5:30 a.m.

  • No heavy thoughts on DST here. I like summer evenings that are light until 9:30 but don’t like winter afternoons that end by 4:30. Oh, well.

    How did you solve the weaving in of the ends problem? The edges on this one look perfect.

  • Erika

    Oh, thanks! I just did my standard thing of making a knot (just a simple tie knot, not a square knot) then weaving in the ends. I wove them in duplicate-stitch style this time, because the fabric is so stretchy.

  • could call em sorority scarves: mindless, but pretty.

    and of course, apologies to readers who were in a sorority. I don’t hate, just snark, and have many friends who were/are proud to be. But still.

  • I also hate this artificial playing with time. There’s no point to it at all anymore. Isn’t there someone we can write to to get it stopped? Can’t we vote on it? We’re back on ‘normal’ time now so let’s just leave it alone!
    Let’s go on time changing strike!

  • Of course it’s moody. Time has rearranged itself.

    I hate Daylight “Saving” Time too and I’m STILL getting used to it. I really need to get to the office earlier if I don’t want to be sitting here when it’s pitch black outside. Which it is. And this is not my blog….sorry! I’m catching up. Slowly. And backwards.