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Donate Yarn to Harlem School Kids

EDIT: so the timing on this post was not the greatest. I scheduled it three days ago and forgot about it until it popped up in my feed. Along with tweets about, for example, hospital staff evacuating a NICU down dark stairwells because the hospital generator failed.

Let’s give this at least a few days and revisit it later. At this point it sounds like those kids have bigger things on their minds than knitting.

I was recently pointed to this Ask Metafilter thread by user zoomorphic, who is teaching an after-school knitting class for at-risk students at a high school in Harlem. Unfortunately, the school was only able to allot the class $60 for supplies, which zoomorphic spent on knitting needles and acrylic yarn.

The kids want better yarn, but none of them can afford it. These kids need this class, and they need the encouragement to stay in it, stick with it, and make something for themselves that they will truly love. I firmly believe that, which is why I am packing up some pretty sweet stuff to mail off to them.

If you would like to donate some yarn and/or other knitting supplies, leave a comment with your email address and I will send you zoomorphic’s mailing address. What a great way to de-stash!

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