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What A Week

Not gonna lie; I’m in a fair amount of pain today.

Yesterday the firewood arrived. Well, not “firewood” per se. My neighbor/landlord and I made one combined order of energy logs (five pallets) in order to save on delivery costs. Which was a great idea, but it had a down side: it meant having to stack all five pallets on the same day, too.

We had help: two enormous guys, which was great. Except they could only work for two hours before they had to leave. Which was less great, because it meant there was no time for a break. Little rest, glass of water maybe? No. Keep stacking.

An energy log is like a Duraflame log, more or less. They come about 200 to the pallet, times five pallets. It was a lot of logs. We fell into a system with two people pulling logs off the pallet and handing them off to two people inside the wood shed stacking them. It was… it was a lot of work.

stripey scarf

And yet, I still found the energy at the end of the day to knit a few more rows on this scarf. I’m genuinely surprised by how fast it is going. Maybe it’s more efficient to knit scarves this way, without having to constantly turn them back and forth.

I’m starting to second-guess some of my color choices, though. I wish I had swatched the stripe sequence first. I may call for a do-over and make a second one after this one is finished.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the endless scootching. Constantly scootching the thing along the cable, scootch scootch scootch. It is maddening.

3 comments to What A Week

  • Ginny

    I’m liking your color choices here. They will look bright and fresh on a dreary winter day. What else would you have chosen? I love to see other people’s color palettes.

  • I was dubious about those energy logs, but we used them last year and they worked really well.

    Sigh. I miss my wood stove.

  • Erika

    I especially like not having to deal with firewood guys, who are universally sketchy, unreliable scam artists.