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So Close…

All I have to do is finish this one last Large Square, weave in some ends, and the Rambling Rows afghan is finished!

Rambling Rows

Tonight? Maybe? I don’t know – that’s what I have thought for each of the past two nights, too.

In the mean time, speak to me of your experience knitting a sideways garter stitch scarf. What cast on method did you use? And what did you think of the cast on edge?

I mean, you wouldn’t want the edge to be too firm and pucker. But you also wouldn’t want it to be too loose and ruffle. DILEMMA.

11 comments to So Close…

  • kiemzi

    maybe you could block it with wires?

    (although my recent blacking enterprise was less than successful.)

  • ekittie

    I’ve been really enjoying the crocheted cast on. Use a hook a size or two bigger than the needle size and it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

    Caveat: The only sideways garter stitch scarf I made, I used a long tail cast on, but I wasn’t aware of the crocheted cast on at that point.
    Nothing wrong with a good ol’ long tail, either. Just use two strands, tie the ends together and snip one when you’re at the end. No guessing about how much yarn needed. :)


    I’d do a surprisingly stretchy bind off for that castoff edge, just so it doesn’t pull too tightly.

  • Erika

    Thanks, everyone! Keep it coming!

    I should clarify that my next project is a sideways-knit garter stitch scarf. I’m just trying to figure out how to start it without any weirdness in the cast on edge.

  • Ish'l

    I am really partial to the German Twisted cast on, especially for garter stitch. It’s as easy and quick as the long tail, it stretches just the right amount, it blends right in, and it was unvented by unicorns frolicking in the twilight of the summer solstice, as far as I can tell.

  • Swatch! I’d be surprised if any cast on would ruffle; bind offs maybe. A long tail CO with the right needle a couple sizes bigger would be my first attempt, then a knitted cast on.

    Tell us, please, about the rest of the scarf’s details!

  • Hit Submit too soon! I bet it’s going to be stripes with the leftovers from the afghan, am I right?

  • I made a lengthwise garter stitch way back in 2007 (blogs are useful for keeping track of these things). I don’t remember anything tricky about the cast on, but I used a sewn bind off to match it. Deets here:

  • Karen M.

    Congrats on the afghan. Looks great and cats always need more cosy. As for scarf, the old norwegian cast on looks good with garter stitch. It is stretchy too. Another option is a provisional cast on and an i-cord bind off, done with larger needles if necc. It makes a nice framing contrast with garter stitch.

  • The one time I knit a sideways garter-stitch scarf my swatch lied so hard that I ended up with a 12+ foot scarf. In the trauma of this ocurring on Christmas Eve, I don’t really remember the cast-on edge.

    It might be time for me to try this experiment again, though, so I’m keeping an eye on the comments here!

  • Erika

    Thanks, everyone! This is just the kind of info I was looking for!