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Sketch Wednesday: Evolution of a Chicken Head

Every afternoon I can, I go outside, let the chickens out, and spend about half an hour either reading or sketching. I always have a small tub of chicken scratch (i.e. treats) handy, to call the chickens back if they start wandering too far.

All I have to do is reach towards the tub, and Dolly (the black chicken) comes running towards me full tilt. Then she sits at my feet and fixes me with a somewhat terrifying, maniacal stare.

That is the expression I attempted to capture for this exercise. (Also, the wattles.) Chronologically, the sketches go roughly left to right, top to bottom.

Sketch Wednesday

These are also preliminary sketches for a new project I’m very excited about. Hopefully I will have more to show you by next week.

6 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Evolution of a Chicken Head

  • gabes

    Animals are very sensitive to you, especially those actions which may lead to food. I have a dog that wags at me until I sigh and then runs for the cookie jar.

  • So Dolly will pose for chicken feed? I crack myself up…

  • Northmoon

    My favourite is second row on the left. Plus kmkat’s comment heeheehee!

  • My favorite is also the first on the left in the second row. Captures that maniacal chicken look perfectly…

  • paduasoy

    Bit of a late comment, but I’ve been reading back through your chicken posts and wanted to ask you something. A friend is considering getting chickens but is worried about whether they’ll trash her garden. When you have Chicken Freedom Days, do the chickens damage any plants around? Would they dig up seedlings?

  • Erika

    Ha ha! Yes. Yes they would.

    They would do all of those things, plus eat any fruit or vegetables that are growing, dig up and eat any seeds, and probably eat any flowers too. I don’t have a garden, so my chickens are limited to plucking and eating grass, clover, dandelions, and any wild berries they find around.

    Your friend will need to fence her garden if she wants to keep it safe. Otherwise the chickens will basically till it down to the ground, then tear up the ground to dig up all the delicious worms. (That’s why they call it a “chicken tractor,” although in the UK I hear it is more often called a “chicken ark.”)