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The Sketch Wednesday That Wasn’t

I actually took a three-day holiday last weekend, for the first time in… well, at least four years, since I started freelancing. It was pretty great, although I was very naughty and did not draw a thing.

Instead, please accept this amazing thing as an apology:

Sketch Wednesday

I happened to be driving a back road last week, and when I came upon this sign, I nearly choked on my coffee. This is the back side of what appears – from the highway – to be a former drive-in theater which has been converted to a motorhome graveyard.

I had no idea it had a circus as well.

You can see the line of rusting, moss-encrusted motorhomes in Google’s satellite view. The former drive-in theater’s screen is the structure in the lower left-hand corner of the property.

And the circus is… well, I’m not sure. I have a feeling it might be underground. Maybe in the basement of what used to be the projection building, but which is now surely nothing but nightmare material (center).

6 comments to The Sketch Wednesday That Wasn’t

  • Could it be that the circus equipment resides there in the winter? Or maybe the mini-circus that just has games and rides? I didn’t spot a manure pile or corral. Cool sign!

  • Maybe it’s just the name of the place. The Circus Motorhome Graveyard. “Head on down to the Circus for all your junkyard needs…”
    (Clearly I need more coffee.)

  • Shannon

    Even though I now live in Maine, way back in the ’70s I lived in Oak Harbor. We used to go to this drive-in! There used to be a playground and I remember my Aunt would take me on the swings while we waited for the movie to start.

    Sometimes they would even have flea markets there on the weekends!

  • Katie

    It was called the Circus Drive-In back in the day. Towards the end it used to show naughty movies. Kind of hard to believe since it was right by a highway!

  • Erika

    Aha! Mystery solved! Thanks for the info, I was really wondering!

  • Sara L.

    I’m kind of shocked nobody’s stolen that sign, it’s awesome! Although, if it is as big as it looks, you’d need a rather large automobile to truck it away.