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The Cinna-Cave

As you can see, I gave up ever having my own access to this storage box. And laid down a fuzzy thermal pad, so that Cinnamon would be cozy in her lair.


Except that it is a constant hassle, having to straighten it out. In order to enter the Cinna-cave, she has to leap in from the nearby loft ladder. (Spectacular coordination required for that, by the way. I watch with fascination every time she does it.)

But when she leaps in, invariably she rucks up the fleece pad as she lands. It is constantly being pushed up against the back.

Whenever I pass by and she is not in the Cinna-cave, I straighten out the pad. At least once a day. When she IS in there, I reach in and give her a few skritches.

About half the time she gets annoyed and bites me (but not hard). The other half she curls up and squeaks with joy. Hard to say with this cat sometimes.

I keep threatening to get a wireless webcam and train it on her little cave. Cinna-cam! 20 hours a day of a cat sleeping in the dark. FAAAscinating!

6 comments to The Cinna-Cave

  • two silver cats

    Cats are strange, strange creatures. I swear they are following some sort of kitty feng shui when it comes to where they build their nests.

    Also, I happened to nearly drive into a ditch yesterday because I happened to see a whole bunch of cows doing “cow stuff”. Nothing bizarre or anything (not like they do in Far Side comics)– just ordinary cow stuff. And it was pretty cool. I was tempted to pull the car over and just watch them for a while, but I had to be somewhere. Like cats, cows are very zen-like.

  • cristina

    I’d watch Cinna-cam, it’d be nice to relax at work.

    My Squeak-a is unpredictable like that. Multiple Personality Disorder perhaps.

  • you would get an amazing ton of hits on that

  • Velcro dots… (Sorry, the problem-solving section of my brain always kicks in first.)
    My little Ursula liked to sleep in my dresser drawers when I was foolish enough to leave them slightly open. Often I would have sworn that the opening was too small for her to fit through, but there she’d be – peeking out at me with that cat smirk.

  • Ginny

    Hey, there is that non-slip stuff you can buy in housewares at the grocery. The one we just bought is called Thick Grip from Magic Cover. You could cut a piece and put it under her fluffy mat to hold it in place during landings.

    Is the new office rug one you knitted?

  • anargol

    Do eeeet! (Cinna cam)