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Sketch Wednesday: Three Cows

Sketch Wednesday

There is a lot of dairy action here in Skagit Valley. I love driving past fields of cows and seeing them hanging out in the broad green pastures, just doing cow stuff.

7 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Three Cows

  • Slager

    haha… those are pretty cute! Cows really are lumpy, aren’t they?

  • Ginny

    When we are on the highway, there are farms all over with cows pastured near the road. And my husband always has to greet them with a heartfelt “moooooo”. I am NEVER taking him to visit my friends in Texas. I would end up with him strapped to the roof rack.

  • Northmoon

    Your excellent cow sketch reminded me of some I saw yesterday in downtown Toronto. Except mine had people perched on them enjoying lunch!

    Hope the link works, I’m not as computer literate as you are!

  • In olden times those laying-down cows would have predicted rain. Modern cows never got to grow up hearing Great-Grandmoo’s stories, so the predicting doesn’t work anymore…

  • In My Experience, if the entire field of cows is laying down, it’s a 100% chance of rain within the next couple of hours. If a few of them are standing up, 80%. More than a few, then you don’t know.

  • Erika

    I’ve heard that! It doesn’t seem to be true out here – I have seen cows laying down many times over the last month, and it hasn’t rained a drop. Maybe all our rain the rest of the year has broken their rain detectors!