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Speaking Of The Front Porch…

You may be wondering how the “Hen & Chicks situation” is going. If you will recall, last summer I was given a big bowl of Hen & Chicks plant. Noticing that it seemed a little overcrowded, I dumped them all out and repotted them.

That was my mistake.

Despite having given away tons of these things, I keep growing more. Apparently, my gardening style and location is perfectly suited to Hen & Chicks plants. I just counted 52 full-size plants, and 8 plantlets on runners dangling over the edges.

Hen and Chicks plants

My gardening style is not even “benign neglect,” it’s just straight up “neglect.” Case in point: I just realized that it hasn’t rained here since June, and maybe it’s about time I should water them. (They look fine, by the way. Probably didn’t even need the water.)

Here’s a view from the opposite direction, with even worse lighting.

Hen and Chicks plants

As for the location, this is about all the sun they will get for the year. With the giant trees looming all around, the porch railing gets about 2 hours of filtered direct sunlight per day from about May through September.

The rest of the year they only get indirect sunlight at best. On particularly gloomy days, I’m not sure it even counts as sunlight at all.

Sure seems to be working for them, though.

4 comments to Speaking Of The Front Porch…

  • You do know that you don’t have to actually save all the chicks. Right?

  • That’s what you get for giving them room to grow…
    I started with one ‘chick’ several years ago. Now they’re all over my rock garden and have turned up in my herb beds as well. They’ll be in the house next, I expect.

  • Christina

    I’ve been trying all morning to think of how to ask for some without sounding creepy and stalkerish. No success so far.

    I’m back in Arlington, so could meet you in Mt. Vernon or someplace. I need to go to the yarn store soon anyways.

  • I have thousands and they make great ground cover. Very few weeds can squeeze through. Mine are descended from some my Grandma gave me 30 years ago, and both siblings and many friends now have flocks in their yards, too. I specialize in neglecting gardens too. Russian Sage, bamboo, chives, and decorative cabbage (not to mention blackberries, dandelions, Queen Anne’s lace, etc) thrive here. Next garage sale, I might pot up some chicks for sale. Or not. LOL