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Sketch Wednesday: Perspective Tree

I have a terrible time with perspective, probably a consequence of never having taken an actual art class. To compensate, I have been forcing myself to do perspective-y things lately.

This one turned out better than I would have thought, but not as well as I would have hoped. (You know how it goes.) It’s meant to be the view up the trunk of the cedar tree I sit beneath when I take my daily chicken herding break.

Sketch Wednesday

I did this one in pencil on paper. The pencil marks turned out very light when I scanned them in, so I did a lazy contrast boost to make them more visible. As a side effect it turned the upper left-hand corner sort of purplish, but honestly, I just couldn’t be bothered to fix it.

2 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Perspective Tree

  • I like the purple. If you hadn’t said anything, I’d have assumed you did it on purpose.
    How about a wash of brown/green in the lower right corner to balance it? Then it’s feature, not flaw…

  • I like it. makes it look like tree is growing in your house